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Slide Records
Lodbroksv. 7
168 55 Bromma

Phone: 08 - 17 92 20, int: +46 8 17 92 20


Slide Records is distributed by

CDA/Compact Distribution AB -
Åsögatan 119, 1 tr
Box 4225, S-102 65 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: 08 - 442 11 20, int: +46 8 442 11 20
Fax: 08 - 442 11 33, int: +46 8 442 11 33


Where to buy the records:

Now you can buy our records on the iTunes Music Store!

Finn Sjöberg:

Finn Sjöberg - Guitar Heaven - Låt från Inges

Jonas Isacsson:

Jonas Isacsson - Evergreen - Love Knows Your Name

Lotta Sigeman:

Lotta Sigeman - Here's Where You Belong - If Only I

Some shops in Stockholm have our records in stock:

Any store can send for the records from the distribution company CDA, please see above.

And you can always buy our records on the internet:

Jonas Isacsson's CD is available at Amazon:


Yes, please do send demos - we listen to all the material and answer all letters.

Do not send demos as attachment to email - this will be to heavy for the email system, and because of that there is a limit on the size of our incoming email.

So please send the demos via old fashion snail-mail. In special cases we can arrange for some electonic format..

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