New CD: Finn Sjöberg - Guitar Heaven

To stay away from music when you have worked with it all your life is impossible. At last the lust for making music became to big and Finn made an album.
For the sake of music.
For the hapiness of sitting in "guitar heaven" with a good guitar and a good amplifier in a good studio with great musicians and a couple of songs.

The result is an instrumental album focused on melodi and on feeling. In the bottom Swedish folkmusic mixed with American laid-back west coast music and some blues, and sometimes spiced with some latin-american influences.

Around Finn's acoustic and electrical guitars much space is left for some of the best Swedish musicians:
Hector Bingert - saxes and kena-flute (ok, he is originally from Uruguay)
Olle Holmqvist - trombone
Sven Lindvall - base
Per Lindvall - drums and percussion
Tommy Lydell - keyboards
Kalle Moraeus - violin
Who is Finn?
Gitarrist for most of his life:

- started out in the early 70-ties in the group Kvartetten som sprängde
- musician with a great number of Swedish artist, of which Harpo and ABBA are the most wellknown ones..
- arranger on a number of records
- producer on some more...
- made his own soloabum on EMI in 1977.

Today he enjoys a quiet musical life with the possibility to focus on the music he himself prefers...

Finn Sjöberg - Guitar Heaven, SlideCD 1

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