Jonas Isacsson - Evergreen, SlideCD 3

At last Jonas Isacsson has saved some time for his own music! Jonas is one of Sweden's most established guitarists. He is the Roxette guitarist and has also recorded with a great number of Swedish artists and groups - e.g. Hansson de Wolfe United and Eva Dahlgren. He was also a member of the group Pray For Rain... 1991 he was awarded a Swedish Grammy for his excellent contributions to a number of records.

Now Jonas has made his own, very personal record: Jonas' instrumental record contains moody ballads mixed with exciting and cooking music where the listener can experience numerous explorations. He has a warm guitar tone given lots of space in the world he paints with electrical guitars, synth guitars and synthezisers. Often he chooses an E-bow instead of a plektrum.

Jonas writes:

In the summer of 1999, Finn Sjöberg asked if I wanted to record a solo album on his record label. A bit surprised I promised to give it a thought. No one had ever asked me before, so this was a shaking offer.

Of course - I wanted to do a record, but what should it contain? Guest singers? Pop & Blues? Trip-Hop? Fusion? Ambient & Western? Riff happiness? ... I had no idea. I listened to some old demos, but everything sounded as copies of something else.

I had no other choice, had to go on vacation.

Stopped listening to music, felt that the impressions from all these years where too many. The only things I heard was stuff that happened to be playing in passing cars, bars, television (lots of unnecessary fill ins), no self chosen music. After a few months the lust to accomplish things started to return. I made melodies that where meant only for me. Maybe obvious for some people, but for a guy who has worked as a riff man for hire, at last it is hard to know what is your own.

Sent 2 demos to Finn (who thought the project was off). He liked the songs, so I kept writing. You find these songs on my first album ŽEvergreenŽ.

The result is an instrumental record, made by a guitarist.

Which I by the way found out that I am.


Jonas Isacsson