Lotta Sigeman

Lotta Sigeman was a sleeper towards her musical career. After years of writing songs and improving her voice and piano playing on her own, the 29-years-young singer-songwriter from Stockholm has released her debut album of her own songs which have stirred up quite a bit of interest and praise. A remarkable response for a debutant in a country of 8 million.

Lotta, whose determination won over her shyness, has waited for this moment. Lotta's family came from a suburb of Stockholm. Lateron, her parents split up and divorced when she was only 6. She began playing the piano when she was seven, and she remembers how her father tought her to play the theme of Pippi Longstocking (from the Astrid Lindgren book). The seed for her musical career were planted. In school, she fought her shyness by improving her musical talents, first by playing the piano, and later she had developed the nerve to sing.

Her record is entitled "Here's Where You Belong". The album's songs are derived from Lotta's life and what she has experienced. Some songs reflect personal happenings or the state of a friend. There is also a songs about her relationships to her mother and one about her father. Yes, Lotta wears her heart on her sleeve, but without all the pretentions.

Lotta's clear and intensive voice dominates an exiting record produced by Gunnar Nordén who also have produced Meili, Melony, Rickard Wolf, Lisa Ekdahl and others.

Lotta's musical inspiration is taken from such artists as: Kate Bush, Shawn Colvin, Jeff Buckley and Elvis Costello. She often gets compared to Tori Amos due to her performing live with a piano.

Currently, Lotta has set her sights on a career in music. She also sides by working with pre-school children. However, considering the reception the Swedish National Radio and press has given Lotta and her album, it is a clear indication that someone else will be taking care of those children in the near future.


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